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Where do I see myself 10 years down the line? Working at a mid-level position or below in an enterprise
Where do I see myself 20 years down the line? Working at a mid-level position or below in an enterprise
Where do I see myself 30 years down the line? Working at a mid-level position or below in an enterprise
And so on.

That’s a dream for me (assuming I can sustain the societal pressure).

As absurd it may sound to some, more intriguing it seems to me. I wish to try new professions as I progress in life. For sure I will not be able to stick one profession.

I have dreams of being taught by the best minds of the world, work as a freelancer consultant, work at a R&D or a Jugaad center, work at a startup from scratch and fail a couple of times, work as a mechanic in my dad’s factory, work in a village as a farmer, as a mason, report stories as journalist, maintain a travel blog, teach in a school, work with NGO’s and even work at a call center and what not. Tell me an interesting work and I am ready to give it a shot.

Lying on the deathbed, I do not want to remember the monotonous work I did throughout my life. I wish to try new & interesting things, wear someone’s shoes, walk a mile and change.

So the big question is, how would I sustain myself financially, why would someone hire me without any prior experience when everyone searches for a specialist and would my family/friends not disown me if I seriously plan to follow this path.

The simple answer is: I don’t know.

I am of the opinion that if I try to find answers to all possible situations, I would never be able to take a decision. It’s better to do what I love atleast once and take the leap of faith. Let GOD decide the destiny.

All I know is that I would not be able to spend my life doing a one kind of work. I need to keep experimenting, finding new hobbies, meeting new people, learning new skills and keep moving on.

Hope I succeed.


Fear and anxiety: What have I learnt?

The fear and anxiety I talk about is often self-created and self-imposed.

The fear of making the right decision, the fear of failure, the fear of future, the fear of losing a close one and the fear of being ignored.

The anxiety before a desired outcome, the anxiety for an anticipated response and the anxiety before meeting closed ones (especially after a period of time).

Paulo Coelho in one of his blog posts states that there’s nothing wrong about anxiety since it’s a part of human’s nature.  He further mentions that anxiety is caused to drive away fear.

While I may agree with him that it’s part of the human nature (along with fear), I believe that both fear and anxiety can be productive only upto a certain limit. Excessive of both may lead to disastrous results which one may regret soon.

I am of the opinion that while fear can be fought through confidence buildup, good companionship and positive thoughts, anxiety is hard to control. Anxiety often is an outcome of fear.

As I had stated above that anxiety may be productive upto a certain extent, it may still need to be controlled. The solution may depend on the situation and the person in question.

It’s far easier to fight fear than anxiety. I have developed a simple algorithm to overcome anxiety. While it often fails and anxiety takes over again, I am sure with time I would learn from my experiences.

The algorithm I talk about deals with visualising feel good situations related to the reason. This in turn helps my wanderer mind to control its thoughts. While the control of thoughts may last for few minutes initially but would increase with practice.

While I agree it’s easier said than done, once must device his/her own ways to control both anxiety and fear.  As Paulo Coelho write’s here that despite efforts one may not be able to master it and must learn to live with it.

“Anxiety was born in the very same moment as mankind. And since we will never be able to master it, we will have to learn to live with it – just as we have learned to live with storms.”

But since most of the time both fear and anxiety are result of negative thoughts, there’s no harm in trying. Food for thought?

If I had the COURAGE

If I had the courage
To say NO,
& was blunt enough
to speak up.

If I had the courage
To say SORRY,
& convince myself
that I was wrong.

If I had the courage
To let go my ego,
& was subtle enough
To start again.

If I had the courage
To express myself,
& Let my emotions flow

If I had the courage
To distinguish wrong from right,
& had the sense
To be a good critic.

If I had the courage
To break the societal shackles
&  dare enough
to live a DREAM.

Iff I could follow my heart,
& muster up the courage.


Lack of Opportunity , an Opportunity?

Sounds like a paradox? I beg to differ.

Opportunity is a very subjective term. In simple terms it may mean an access to a particular set of resources which may open a gate with the potential to bring about a positive change in our life. But it’s not always been the case.

If we observe our surroundings carefully we may see that most of the people who are successful either went to top colleges, had a rich background or had access to the right sources when they needed assistance. That is, they always had so many opportunities always available to them. They didn’t struggle much and most of them had a fairly simple path to the top.

But, what about those who did not go to college or even school? those who struggled hard to have food even two times a day? those who didn’t know any bureaucrats or politicians when they needed a work done? What about them? No Opportunities at all.

Infact the reality is, they had an opportunity to excel. An opportunity to defy the common perception and carve a new and an unknown path.
World if full of such examples where people have created opportunities when it didn’t exist. The path to success have never been simple in any of such cases, they had to go through rough patches.

Mahatma Gandhi when faced racism in South Africa did not accept it as his fate and went on to change the system generating new confidence in the hearts of Indians living there, to say the least he created opportunities for them to have equal rights in a depressing system which inculcated racism in its roots. Both Abraham Lincoln and our present prime minister Manmohan Singh studied under street lights at night and had to walk miles to reach the nearest school. They weren’t lucky like us, they did not have the opportunities like library, teachers and transport. But did they accept it as their fate? Despite lack of opportunities they created history.

For instance the king of bollywood Shah Rukh Khan, GOD of cricket Sachin Tendulkar were never as lucky as Saif Ali Khan or Rohan Gavaskar. The formers certainly did not have access to opportunities like the latters did. But this did not stop them, they created ways for them, the world belongs to them now.

People often crib that they didn’t have the best childhood, did not get the best teachers, could not go to best colleges, weren’t born in rich families, didn’t stay in cities. Lets stop criticizing the situation and if opportunities are not available, create them for the better good and excel at something. People who have faced such situations are infact those who have the ability to outperform others and the best part is they don’t carry any baggage of living in a perfect environment.

So, Thank GOD, create opportunities for yourself and EXCEL.

    Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream.

The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned.

The second mouse, wouldn’t quit.

He struggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream into butter and crawled out.

Which mouse will you be?


Corrupt, Inefficient, Power Hungry, Opportunistic, Egoist, Sycophant and Hypocrite which when associated with a specific profession will surely yield an answer “POLITICIAN”. There have been tons of scams recently and the volume of money involved has been humongous. We have over years so easily criticized our politicians and public servants but have we dared to look into a mirror?

It is so easy to ask questions on inefficiency and credibility but have we not being  following the same principles?

We stand up for Anna Hazarey and Baba Ramdev on issues which we think if resolved will act as a catalyst in making India a Super Power, but it wont be possible until and unless we clean ourselves. Remember Gandhiji’s saying “Be the change you want to see”.

A recent incident made me conscious enough to ask myself a question about my corruptness ? I was travelling on a public bus and did not have enough change to buy a ticket , instead of providing the ticket collector with a note of higher denomination I just parted with a few rupees and without saying a word a mutual agreement was made and he provided me with no receipt. This money has now been added to the personal savings of the conductor and cannot be accounted for. This money does not go to the government which runs such services and has even caused it loss say Rs. 1. But when such losses take place “n” times at “m” places in the country the amount involved can be enormous. We pay the passport verification officer from Rs. 500- Rs. 1000 for his signature, we do not ask for bills at shops as that may include an extra VAT, we address workers at banks, railway ticket counter and postoffices as Sir, Madam to please them and thus get our work done in a comfortable fashion (It’s time we realize they are public SERVANTS and are bound to serve us), get railway tickets booked via agents/dalals by paying extra money ( and then raise concerns over non-availability of tatkal tickets over counters), pay lakhs of rupees to get a child admitted in a socially elite school and eventually pay a million to get an admission into a college, do away with a Hundred rupee note at traffic signals for violation and then again feel pity at the country when one is spectator to a similar incident.Most of us do not even pay our taxes honestly, and then we expect accountability, accountable for what?? How can we expect others to behave differently in similiar situations when we ourselves cannot vouch for living upto the same expectations.

Then are we not being hypocrite ourselves? Have we over years not committed crimes and have been saved by the power of money? Have not the most elite educated class of doctors recommended tests and drugs which could have been done without? Have we ourselves not  fabricated bills to organize functions at an institute level? Have we not at many instances paid staff of a corporation to get the tenders or the crucial information?

We have as a whole all acted as a fuel to this problem. The so called corrupt officials are also a part of this society. We at times proudly narrate stories of how we routinely bribe the officers to get the work done smoothly, something which needs to be felt ashamed of. If something needs to be changed it is US. We need to change ourselves at the most basic level and say NO to corruption and even not remain a mute spectator to such an event.

Participating in dharnas and fasts are not going to change the society. Even when proper laws have been drafted thefts, murder, dacoiti, cheating etc takes place. Corruption will not stop unless we awaken as a society and address the issue as a disease. Otherwise after Lokpal bill,we may see a common man getting punished even for bribing a traffic police officer which he earlier considered as a routine affair.

Let’s try to be the change we want to see !!

The Hangover

Hangover, a term coined for post high effect. The high can be a result of getting drunk or intake of drugs which it is for most of the cases OR it can be the outcome of too much happiness and peace.  I have luckily/unluckily as you define it, till date only experienced the later one.

When you are happy, you have peace of mind, love flows from heart, positive energy overflows and the ambience around you is cheerful, a periodic state that may last for hours, days or weeks. This is the time when you enjoy the true bliss of nature, new relationships are developed and stronger bonds are created. This is the time when you solve one of the trickiest mathematical questions, a time when you come up with out of the box solutions to the practical problems, a time when you challenge yourself, a time when you truly feel for the song “ae sala, abhi abhi hua yakin ki aag hai mujme kahin”.

Everything seems so perfect.

But HELLO!!, wake up, this is life.

Life is full of ups and lows, happiness and sorrow, falling and getting up, an amazingly eventful journey (mostly unexpected) from birth to grave. The high is past now, you experience the hatred around you, you see the competition around you, negative energy simply flows around, and you fight for survival. The interest in passion is lost and everything seems hazy. You are in the Hangover mode, you experience the real world, and you live the real LIFE. One searches for pleasure and tries new ways to meet it.

Lack of motivation, deviation from the decided path, change of ambience in terms of people, places or objects can be few among other reasons. As we grow up the percentage of time we experience the hangover increases. We need a constant source of inspiration, a motivation to move ahead and an urge to submerge in positive energy.

We should try to decrease the period of hangover, stay high and try to be happy ; not due to the intake of an external source but as a result of peace within, the love within. We must strengthen the self confidence and have faith in ourselves. Once we generate the equation of happiness, know the source of love, most of the challenges which seemed impossible may now seem reachable. Higher heights can be achieved, true bliss of mother nature can be experienced, stronger bonds can be created, and its possible to now fly, high up in the sky.

Fly, Fly High !!

My Placements Experience

Hello friends. This is the final year of my B.Tech degree program and just like everyone else i had been pursuing my dream job. I stepped into the final year, the placements season arrived and suddenly all the priorities changed.Yes this is how it begins for most of us. We try to make up for lost time as much as possible.

The most important fact that i learned was to never take the whole placements thing seriously. Its true that one failure brings in a lot of disappointment and opportunities are thin on the ground but there is always something better in store for you. It makes sense to see the placement process just as a learning curve, observing the places  that we goofed up and areas that we need to work upon. Placements time are an odd bit of period. Some people just want to end it as soon as possible. But we should never forget our strengths, always know our worth and be patient and should not rush into things. Sometimes we tend to expect a lot. But as freshers we should think with a level head. It is foolish to just go after companies offering the highest packages and limit our opportunities. As freshers it is tough to understand what the industry has to offer and what careers we can build. There are two types of jobs. One with a good name and the other with a good work. Both of them are sensible options. For instance when Deloitte came to visit our campus it wasn’t offering attractive packages as many of the other software companies. But still it makes sense to apply for it because the company as big as Deloitte gives you a very good exposure and a good name on your CV’s.

We can get a good head-start by proper planning and preparation. Firstly it is very important to start preparing for Aptitude tests as early as possible. If we are not able to clear the apti’s then we don’t give ourselves any chance of clearing the interviews. Secondly we need to have our basics very strong. Every interview starts with the basics and proceeds according to the responses we give. I sincerely believe that we can set the direction of an interview. Its very important to think out aloud during the interviews. Always say out loud what you are thinking and the job becomes much easier for both the interviewer and interviewee. It reflects the thinking process of the candidate and the interviewer gives you more hints. The interviewers always ask about our strong subjects and it is best to play to our strengths instead of trying to bluff. This is as far as it gets where the technical aspects are concerned.

We should work on our communication skills. It is important to express ourselves correctly especially in stress interviews. We should work on some of the basic questions. Tell us about yourself? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What have you done to improve on your weaknesses? What is the reason for joining this company? How do you react in various conflict scenarios? The responses to these questions should be precise and well thought out. It should also be kept in mind that while giving response to such questions it should not look like a speech or something. Its very important to maintain eye contact. We can have interviews among friends to get prepared and it helps to point some of the basic mistakes that we generally make.

Now, I wont bore you with anymore stuff. I just hope this might help anyone reading this in some way or the other. Just remember to stay calm, honest and polite along  the way. Have fun and never take things too seriously.

The author – “Abhinav Rungta” is a 2007-2011 batch of Computer Science Engineering from NIT Warangal and has bagged one of his dream job at ORACLE not loosing hope after applying for around 10 companies and reaching 3 interviews. Oracle was his  third and final .

Try Try until you Succeed.

Memories do have a lasting impression and if you are aware there’s a part of learning in each stage of life. I remember an instance from my childhood days. I must be around 5-6 years .

My Side of Story:

I had hurt myself at home and my legs were paining a lot. I was asking my parents to visit a doctor but they always seemed reluctant. I used to talk in third person aaku ko lag gaya” (I got hurt) ,”aaku ka bhuk laga hai“( I am feeling hungry, aaku is short form of my nickname ankush). What I know now from my elders is that I was very impatient ( which I still am ) and I am sure I may have irritated my parents 24*7  for the visit to doctor but all in vain. Incidentally one day while I was crying ( another aspect I used to cry a lot, kinda feels embarrassing now ) , mom got me some medicine. It was a small amount of white powder . When I enquired  about it and who got it, I was told that dad had visited the doctor on my behalf   and in turn the doctor gave this medicine. I was also informed that the doctor is a renowned one and his medicines are very effective. Alas I was very happy, my prayers were answered and the required medicine was also bought. I took the medicine and instantly a miracle had taken place, within minutes the pain had gone, in fact I was able to run again, play again.

The other side of the story goes as follows :

What I hear later is that I had always been good at “nautanki” (drama) and this pain may have been some another random time pass activity. So they tried to play it down at first but then I was not going to let this fight down easily . My voice ought to be heard and finally my parents had to put their weapons down (at least this was what I thought ). But they knew I had blind faith in them and they used it as a Bhramastra against me. I had been given powdered sugar and was told this was homeopathic medicine. Generally homeopathic medicines are sweet in taste and white in colour so I had believed them and took it, so again within minutes the pain had gone, infact I was able to run again, play again.

So what did I learn from this? The heart can be navigated in any direction on one’s will . How can a muscle pain be gone in few minutes ? the only possibility being if the pain was psychological . I have always blindly believed in my parents and I still do but now I think that just because of the assurance that “you will be alright after taking this” may have hit me hard and was the the reason of my recovery. If the same medicine had been given by the doctor I may have needed the dose a couple of more times. A lesson was learnt early from a small episode to believe in oneself.

If we truly believe all will be right, it surely will be. If you want to be successful ,think strong, think you can, keep the confidence intact , you will no doubt touch heights. As Aamir Khan says in “3 Idiots” just say “All is Well”  and all will be well, a firm belief may help us achieve our goals. As Paulo Coelho statesWhen you want something with true feelings , all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

Heart can be fooled easily and if that’s possible lets do it !!!

A talk with Tanvi Sundriyal was conducted who had secured 6th Rank in UPSC 2010. She’s an alumnus of our college (Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra) a 2006 pass out Electrical and Electronics Engineer, and after deciding to become an IAS officer she pursued Bachelor in Law from Delhi University. She realized her dream in her third attempt but did not loose hope after two consecutive failures and kept working with passion and confidence intact.

We had an amazing response from students ranging from freshers to final year be it from Bachelor’s or Master’s . The talk was designed to focus on the importance to decide a goal, a career path integrated with self belief .With an example of Window she made us analyze an object in different ways. For  “window “one may think of  “the operating system”,”window in a room”,”a connector to the world” or ” window of an opportunity”. Analyzing an object/word in different context helps us get various opinions among ourselves, understand the pros and cons of various situation and thus decide the best choice. She gave examples of great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi , Bill Gates (Microsoft Windows) and Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) who stood by their ideals and principles undeterred by the conventional ways of living a life and thus breaking the barriers. Both the billionaires are surprisingly college drop outs .The very fact to break the conventional barriers can be brought upon once there’s a goal set and we work towards it with passion and dedication. I remember her mentioning

“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success..”

~ Swami Vivekananda

All the slides she showed us,the lines spoke made us remind, made us realize the importance of passion, conviction and confidence to realize a dream.

I would like to mention a paragraph of a blog which I found very similar to her talk
“Stop trying to hit me and hit me”

Stop trying to hit me and hit me

Wow. Just. Wow. For every time I am assailed by self-doubt, for every time I feel despair, hopelessness, helplessness and just generally daunted at the sheer impossibility of life, this line has come to my rescue. It is a potent mantra to stop trying, to stop thinking of the level of effort, the difficulties, the costs and risks and just do. I think of this line as a dose of concentrated willpower shot right into the heart. Want to get promoted? get a raise? get a girlfriend? get a Nobel prize? Stop trying and go get it.

If I may carry this line to its ultimate logical conclusion, it would be:

“Stop trying to live and live”

So go live.

This post would be remiss without some credit going to this guy:

Mind your free


This guy once said:

“Do. Or do not. There is no try”

She did mention a few blogs which may help students preparing for UPSC exams:

Wake up now, if you want your dreams to come true!!

So called Memories… Part 1… a travelog

you don’t need good memory to have good memories !!

5 weeks passed in a whisker. I was in Bangalore , doing my intern at “Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore” which took place by sheer luck (had mentioned in this post) and followed up with some serious dedication. Now i am back to college but besides working from Monday to Saturday what i cherish are the amazing 5 Sundays i experienced. I still remember the minute details of every Sunday. Here are some :

1st Sunday: 13/6/2010 : Innovative Film City

My initial den was my sister’s place. Plans were not finalized till the previous night , I woke up after 10 am after a few not so used to hectic days gone by. I had started making a plan to meet my childhood friend, but suddenly after a few conversations at home we are off to “Innovative Film City”. First of all it’s not a film city , its kind of amusement park with major attractions like mini golf,mirror maze, miniature of “Madam Tussaud’s” museum, go-karting,virtual beach, haunted house (lasted fr half an hour or so !! ) and many more.

It’s a good place to spend a holiday with your friends and relatives. A full day is needed for paisa vasool and you will certainly come out with long-lasting memories. We missed on rock climbing and rope walking and i still regret it. It’s approximately an hour away from Bangalore on Mysore Road and there is no conveyance available while returning, so its better to have your own arrangements before you visit this beautifully built place. I had an amazing time with my jiju,sis and gaurav bhaiya. 🙂

2nd Sunday 20/6/2010 : Mysore Trip

Yes, its was my b’day and we planned to go on a Mysore Trip. I could manage only few hours of sleepand had to wake up at 5 am to get ready for the trip. We reached Majestic, a place where you get buses for any possible site and loads of travel agent. We were a group of 5 and booked tickets with a travel agent for a Mysore package tour. Initially bus moved with snail’s speed but picked up later. We reached a place with remains of Tipu Sultan’s Palace and also visited a temple near by.

We left for Chamundi temple on a hill-top and got an amazing view of Mysore city. Our guide was just too funny, I remember him telling the details about a palace which had now turned into a five-star hotel “yaha ek cup coffee ya tea ka price only Rs 500 hota, isme cup and saucer ka price nahi include hai” (one cup tea or coffee costs Rs 500 which does not include the price of Cup and Saucer).

Our next destination was the magnificent Mysore Palace .Camera’s were not allowed inside. After examining the interior for sometime it tells you what “Live Life King Size” means , as my friend Nikhil rightly told “Assume you are the KING of the palace while you are roaming inside” and believe me it will really make you feel like all the artistic works were just done for you. I was just amazed to see the hard work  that may have been put in to build this awesome palace.

We then headed to a church and finally to Brindavan Gardens which is known for its fountains. We could see Sea of Heads across the parking area. Built on the backside of a dam, the major attractions lies with the fountain show.  Different patters of water shoot were shown. There’s also an option for a boat ride which was fully used to reach the other part of the park. Again there were loads of fountains with different colors and styles. It’s an apt place to spend time, once the fountains start shedding water.

As we had time constraint we could not wander throughout and had to return. The bus journey was just amazing, I still remember few red faces when we were gossiping at loud voices. We reached back to Bangalore by 1am after a fun-filled experience.

3rd Sunday 27/6/2010 : Banerghata National Park

As earlier Sundays we still had no plans made. We decided late night to visit Banerghata National Park. Hardly an hour away from the city premises this park is known for its grand safari. We reached Banerghata Bus stop which is at a distance of 2km from the premises and decided to walk . Many vendors were to be seen outside the park . Among other attractions included Zoo and a Bird sanctuary. Being a Sunday the crowd was overwhelming. We bought the tickets and stood in queue for the safari ride , excited and ready to be surprised.Our ride was a mini bus with a 20 seat capacity. The journey started with an advice to “not to feed the wild animals”, on the contrary we were hoping that animals do not feed on us :P. The trip began with instant show and we saw deers at first. As the bus proceeded we saw many big bears , the reaction was much different from what I had expected.

It seemed like they were too used to tourists and did not react to buses stopping near them. We then moved to the lion’s area. The park is built in such a fashion that each creature gets ample space to live in. Lion’s with mane were seen but most of them were very lazy. Then we entered the National Animal’s area and saw many big beasts, a white color tiger was also seen.The ride always came to a standstill when an animal was seen. We turned back and reached the main entrance of the zoo after a 30 min ride. The zoo occupies a decent amount of land with many varieties of birds and animals.

The first 3 weekends were great in terms of what I had learned in IISc as well as the explorations we did in and around Bangalore. I had met amazing new people be it my prof,my colleagues in my department or my new friends. Its friendship day today and what could have been the best time to publish this post. Friends I had an awesome time with you people. Thanks for making my Bangalore trip so memorable. 🙂

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